BEZZU on Tour!


Entrepreneurs Greg Kavanagh and Lana Gregan have joined forces with a specialist team to create BEZZU, a free online survival kit to help save our local retail stores.

Irish Fashion Model Gail Kaneswaran from Andrea Roche Agency has joined RTÉ Ultimate Hell Week International Operations Specialists Bob Stafford, Ray Goggins, Ger Reidy and Alan O’ Brien to find out exactly what problems face our declining high street shops and breathe life back into our community!



The BEZZU app will help you locate a store across Ireland and the world, and then shop in it, at any time of the day. The BEZZU team will be in your area soon to give retailers the much needed help and show them ways to get their profile onboard.


 “Working closely with boutiques and shop owners through the recession and then having to face the rise of online shops I’ve seen what their challenges are. Independent retailers don’t have the time or know how to take on online heavyweights.  Even when a shop tries by having website they don’t have the ads spend to match them on Google. It’s another job and a headache in an already hectic day. We have the answer, and it’s time to make saving the high street our business”. Gail 


BEZZU was set up with the sole purpose of protecting local ecosystems. We hope BEZZU will give local retailers the ability and tools to survive and thrive in age of the Internet as it was once intended. The closure of shops globally has done so much damage to local environments against a backdrop where online stores pay no rates, taxes and don’t create local jobs. They don’t sponsor any local clubs and don’t do much else than suck life out of local areas. BEZZU will give the local area the ability to fight back and for your area to keep its pride of place” Greg


“There’s a new battle to be fought, and it’s against online giants who are crushing our local and highstreet retailers daily. As a former Special Operations Soldier and Security and Operations expert I understand teamwork and a collective mission. That’s why I have joined forces with the BEZZU team to help secure the future of our local businesses and community. Our team will provide the training for retailers to help take back the highstreet by the force of their own actions.” Ray

‘’We want to give SME’s the ability to compete in the challenging retail environment of today by making core systems and features known to big Ecommerce players more accessible to all, while providing a cost effective, convenient and personalised service to consumers via our community and marketplace.’’ Lana

Coming soon to your area!


 BEZZU it & Boost your Business