Free Authentications

Dressup Market offers free authentication on all designer items sold at €200 or more.

How does Dressup Authenticate work for the in-app market?

When you purchase a luxury item* on Dressup Market, all private sellers must send the item directly to Dressup HQ for authentication. Our team carefully inspect the item's authenticity by checking logos, tags, materials, hardware, quality, and more, along with the latest technologies to identify and confirm its authenticity. Once we've confirmed authenticity, we'll package it with care and ship it to you. If the item's authenticity cannot be verified, we will refund you immediately.

How do I know whether my luxury purchase is eligible?

All orders of €200 or more are eligible for Dressup Authenticate. Shop with confidence knowing that your purchase will be 100% authentic, 100% of the time.

How does Dressup Authenticate work for consignment?

The same applies for items taken in on consignment. We will ensure that all designer items are verified before listing for sale.

What brands do you cover?

Any designer brands sold via trade, we can guarantee are direct from source and verified.

For preloved designer items* sold privately in app or sent in via consignment, we offer authentication for the following brands only;


- Coach

- Prada

- Chloe

- Balenciaga

- Burburry

- Saint Laurent

- Bottega Veneta


- Gucci

- Celine



-Louis Vuitton




- Michael Kors

-Marc Jacobs



-Kate Spade


- Love Moschino

 *Items excluded Dressup Home 

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Note: The brands sold on Dressup Market are not affiliated with Dressup Market or the Dressup Authenticate service. The trademarks and/or service marks of the brands sold on Dressup Market are the property of those brands, and not of Dressup Market.